Super Client




Super Client is a kind of software used for multiple IP camera monitoring. It is characterized with multi-camera monitoring, PTZ control, record, alarm and access authority management function, as well as easy operation and strong capability.




² Support 1,4,9,16,36,64,81 videos shown on one screen and can centrally manage 1024 IP camera.

² Support mutil-level tree-structure devices list.

² Support pacing in a given path manually or automatically.

² Support PTZ control, presetting location, pacing according to preset-locations.

² Support two-ways voice intercom.

² 25X Digital Zoom.

² Support always, schedule and alarm record.

² Support circulated record, disk cover automatically.

² Support motion detection, ender alarm trigger and external alarm trigger.

² Support audio, email, FTP.

² Support setting alarm according to a specific timetable.

² Support setting a group of alarm and alarm based on input from multiple related devices.

² Support inquiry and browse of record and alarm records.

² The speed of play forward or play backward can be 10X or 1/10X.

² Support access authority management, multi-grade access and operation authority.

² Support operation log records.

² Support record and alarm records publish online so that can be checked remotely.